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*NEW MUSIC* Reazy Renegade – “Free Delivery” (Produced by Reazy Renegade)

The Renegades have been producing some of the hottest songs with the hottest in the game….

*NEW MIXTAPE* L.S.D. Demand Worldwide Volume 5

*Caution* This is L.S.D…..

*NEW * “L.S.D. for Spring Break” (Snippet)

1.Alexis Jordan ft J. Cole (Demand Remix) – Acid Rain 2.Young Dro – Fuck Dat Bitch…

The Millionaires-Your Girl Does Party

Yo these chicks are banging outta Orange County, La.We get down with the Dirty pop

Blog By Demand:LSD..LAST SEQUENTIAL DAYS???No Something Bout Love..

This year has flown by. No G4. Like for real I’ve been so focused and have had so many ups and down but this is my best eva. The year 2012 is looking bright. The music scene is changing and alot of alliances broken, gained, and tried, but I think through all this the real will shine through. The worldwide party music has really been the way to go, which I’ve always had a special affinity toward cuz I know that’s where I make most people happy. Black and white alike, they all  have a appreciation of both spectrums. My peeps J-Miller from BackPack Inc. just came on a vision, so hopefully we’ll get that project lined with details coming soon. OVERSEAS AND WORLDWIDE. Check my newset Mixset LSD DEMAND WORLDWIDE Vol 4 ..#TITSTBYM

Check Me and @DJ_Eboogie out doin that worldwide party E.n.d Style in Atlanta at Aurum.